Film Edit Co

an outsourcing company by Steph Wahlig

Editing Submission Instructions

If you are submitting your catalog for the first time, here are some instructions on how to do that. 

FIRST: You must reserve a time slot for your wedding to be edited if you are submitting a WEDDING ONLY. Go here to schedule a date. This helps you know when your wedding will be edited and worked on so you can be available for teasers and questions.

We edit using Lightroom catalogs. First foremost: You must have the most recent version of lightroom to move forward. If you send us a gallery that we need to upgrade we will let you know. 

If you can not upgrade your catalog after we have already edited, we can not refund since we will have already spent the time working on your catalog. Please make sure your computer is compatible with the most recent version before sending us anything. It will cause less heartache later on. 

Please create a catalog with ONLY the images you want us to edit. It is often confusing to figure out which ones to edit and which ones to leave alone. If you are having us cull your wedding then specify in the title of your zip file that you upload to the portal. For example “”. If you do not want us to cull please label your file “AmyRyan_editonly”

  1. If you are sending a wedding, we require at least 20 anchor images (images you edit yourself) so we can see your style and editing. The more the better but no more than 60 is needed. If you are submitting a session, you can do 5. Please color code these RED. It helps us see them in post. Film can be included as your anchors but if you didn’t shoot film in every ‘scene’ then please provide an edited anchor. Film must be highlighted red or we will assume you want them edited. There is a charge of .40 an image to edit film.
  1. Once you have created your catalog with the images you want us to edit, you will need to make a smart preview. Here is how to do that.
    1. Select all images in your library mode
    2. Click File
    3. Export as Catalog
    4. Select Build/Include Smart Previews Checkbox
    5. At the top of this box is where you will label your folder (see above for format)
  1. Once the smart previews are created the folder that you created is where your catalog is located. The TWO files we need you to upload are the Lightroom Catalog that you created with your work (LRCAT File) and the Smart Preview File. Please make sure both are uploaded. If one and not the other is uploaded then we will not be able to see the images. 
  2. For uploading: This folder will need to be compressed (made into a zip file). Right click on your folder and select compress. You will only need to upload that zip file to the portal. This is a MUST or we wont be able to see your smart preview files.


Every client of Film Edit Co has a custom uploading and receiving portal. Once you signify that you are wanting to move forward with our services we will set you up with your dedicated link to upload and download your files.

This is where you will upload your catalog. We will also send you your invoices through this portal. You will not need to have dropbox or wetransfer for our services.

After we edit and send you the invoice we will send you back these two files. In order to upload the images you will need to have the images in your computer or catalog. We do not have your raw images. Please always make backups of all your work.

Film Edit Co is not responsible for deleted or lost raw images. 

Feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have! | 602-576-8463